Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Golf and Social Media: It's a Hole in One

Spring has sprung, and as that long, painful winter starts disappearing in the rearview mirror, thoughts of hitting the links are top of mind for many. 

With a great deal of natural beauty, extreme popularity, and the potential for boundless business success, Minnesota's golf courses stand to gain a lot from having a presence on social media platforms.

Here are a few reasons why we at Blueberry Pines, along with other courses, are “hitting the (web) links.”.

Social Media is organic advertising. 

Contrary to popular opinion, social media is not just for the youth of society anymore. According to a recent Huffington Post study, since 2012, the majority of major social media platforms have been reporting their strongest year-over-year growth in the 55-64 year-old bracket. Facebook reports 46% more in this age group. Google+ says they've increased this crew by 56%. And, believe it or not, a whopping 79% more of these folks are hash-tagging away on Twitter. 

And, as you might already assume, younger golfers (and even younger future golfers) are getting more of their information on everything from social media at the expense of traditional forms of marketing.  

By getting a golf course connected with social media, news, events and special deals are able to reach everybody, all at once.

Social media engages people

Thanks to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, our customers’ pictures, links to interesting articles or blurbs about special course promotions can grabbed and re-shared to their friends. Check-in features on sites like Facebook and Instagram let golfers tag pictures of our course, address included, in any status updates they might be launching. 

Best part? Those people our customers engage with online could just end up being future Blueberry Pines customers. 

By being on social media, our regular customers advertise for us, just by sharing the highlights of a good time!


Places like Blueberry Pines are more than just places to play a round of golf. We also boast an events center, ready for weddings, corporate events, fundraisers and more.

Staying digitally connected is a great way to promote these features to all the non-golfers trolling the web, searching for the best place to host their special event. 

It’s a no-brainer; social media is a smooth and seamless as a great swing! So, as the warm weather ramps up, keep up with Blueberry Pines online!