Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Golf

There is nothing better than a great round of golf with your friends. Golf is a sport for life, and we believe it is important to instill your passion for golf to your children. The bonding experience you receive while teaching your kids to golf is irreplaceable and something they will remember for a lifetime. We would like to share a few of our tips on how to get your kids excited to learn the game of golf:

Make it Fun
When it comes to teaching children a new skill, kids want to have fun. If you focus too much on the mechanics of the game rather than the amazing feeling when they finally hit the ball or beat you in a game, they will lose interest quickly. Don’t forget to celebrate the little things.

Start Slow
Golf is a hard sport to master. Before you hand them a club, be sure to explain to them the reasons you love to golf, teach them the importance of golf etiquette and let them set goals for themselves.

Finding an Instructor
Not everyone is a great teacher, and that is okay. Many courses offer private or group lessons to children, as well as camps that not only teach the kids how to golf, but also the patience, focus and correct form it takes to take their golf game to the next level.

Finding the Right Equipment
Using a club that is too long or too heavy will hinder a kid’s ability to learn correct form. A new player will already have enough trouble learning technique without having to deal with improper equipment. A popular trend with adults teaching their children the game is taking their old set of clubs and having them cut down to fit the needs of their children. This ensures the children are properly suited to handle their golf equipment.

Where to Play
It is very important to think about other golfers when you choose a course or time to practice. Try late in the evening or at a time when it’s not crowded. If your kid wants to chase after the ball or rake every bunker, you don’t want to have to worry about a group waiting behind you.

Be Patient - Practice Makes Better, Not Perfect
It takes a lot of time, effort and patience to master the game of golf- even the pros aren’t perfect. Celebrating achievements and praising improvements will motivate them to be an even better player. Remember, not every young golfer is going to be the next Tiger Woods or Rory McIlory.

Show Them Instead of Tell Them
For most, visual learning will get you a lot farther than just telling them what to do. While you are teaching them, don’t get discouraged if they can’t perfect their grip or if they only hit the ball once every ten times. Let them try a few different clubs and mimic your stance.

Make it a Game
Spend time on the putting green. Have putting contests. Putting is one of the easier mechanics for a child to learn. As they become better at putting, they will be encouraged to develop the rest of their game.

Set Goals
Setting goals with rewards is a great way to encourage your kids to focus and improve their golf game. Once they complete their goal, give them a break and treat them to soda and a treat in the club house. There is no better feeling than accomplishing a new skill on the course.

Here at Blueberry Pines, we know young golfers are the future of the sport and we believe in them- golf is a passion, not a sport. When you become an experienced golfer, the course becomes a whole new world. We hope to see you and your children enjoying our course very soon!

How to Keep your Golf Game in the Winter

When the sun is shining and the thermometer mercury stays around a comfortable 70 degrees, your golf game stays strong, but when the winter rolls around, some of us can fall out of the groove. To keep yourself on your toes and prepared for the spring, take a look at these helpful tips:

Indoor Driving Range
An indoor golf range would definitely be a great idea to utilize it in the wintertime to take your game back to the basics. Indoor golf training centers also typically include golf simulators to help golfers work on every aspect of their game.

Practice in your Garage
If an indoor driving range isn’t an option in your area, swing a weighted golf club in your garage to improve strength in your arms and wrists. Over time, it will increase your rate of speed when you swing your club.

Get Some Exercise
Whether starting a membership at your local gym, or playing a round of racquetball every Tuesday and Thursday night, the more exercise you get in will help your golf game. Improving your personal condition through strength and flexibility will help you avoid injury and play better once the season begins again.

Grip and Swing
It may sound tedious, but practice your grip and swing, even if you don’t have a ball to hit. These are small improvements that can make a big impact on your golf game come spring.

Lift Weights
Lifting weights regularly can add strength and power to your swing to really increase your drive on the ball.

Look in the Mirror
It is easy to notice when someone else is holding their driver a little funny or taking the club in too far on the backswing, but sometimes when you are holding the club wrong, it is hard to notice. If it is easier, you could even video yourself and see if their are any improvements to be made; you may actually be surprised at what you come across.

Practice Putting
In our opinion, whether it is summer or winter, you can never get enough practice putting! You can practice easily on your living room carpet, or on your own green, if you have one.

Once spring hits, our staff at Blueberry Pines hopes to see you on our course with your new-found winter golf improvements. For more information about Blueberry Pines Golf, Dining or Event center visit our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Google+ pages!