Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blueberry Pines Golf Course Ground Conditions

With the golf season finally underway, one may be wondering about the conditions of our golf course after the winter. The answer is simple-  very well!

The greens are still in the thawing stage, but the frost is just about gone. We have been busily watering the greens with a tank to add some much-needed moisture into the topsoil, which is very dry from lack of precipitation during the winter. We will continue to do this until we can turn on the irrigation system, which will hopefully be in just a couple of weeks. This lack of water also means that we cannot yet mow the greens yet. We will be mowing them as soon as the weather permits. The lack of snow this winter helped our course to quickly get ready for golfers to start hitting the links. Thanks to our lack of snow and our sandy, dry soil, the golf course was able to open this year on the earliest opening date in Blueberry Pines history! (March 13, 2015)

As for the rest of our course, it came through the winter exceptionally well, considering it was exposed to the elements through most of it. Despite our mild winter, our grounds crew is and will be continually cleaning up. We are still unfortunately seeing the after effects of the fire two years ago, due to the fact that bark beetles have moved into some of the damaged trees. We had to remove some of these trees, and are keeping up with cutting down other dead trees. However, that should not compromise the beauty of the course. It remains to be seen how our mild winter and lack of snowfall will affect the trees.

We are looking forward to another wonderful season, and hope to see you out here golfing all summer long!