Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Why Join a Golf League?

As any avid golfer will tell you, time on the course involves more than a sport - it’s a way of life. And, there are few better ways to integrate it into your life than by joining a local golf league.

If league golfing isn't something you've ever tried , then let’s dispel a myth you might believe; you do not have to be an expert on the course in order to join a team. Many league golfers will tell you - they do it to see their friends, enjoy a few cocktails and improve their game in a fun, yet competitive environment.

If you’re kicking around the idea of getting a team together, here are some things we think makes that idea a good one.

Life’s busy, and our responsibilities always seem to override our hobbies. By joining a league, you’re giving yourself that dedicated time out on the course. Hold it harmless; work/life balance is important!

Well, golf is a great form of activity, league or not, but as we previously mentioned, when you on a team with a set time and some accountability to your competitors, you tend to move at a more clipped pace. Also, if you really want to torch some calories, park the golf cart and walk the course!

There’s a time and a place for puttering around the on the course, but like we said, when you’re league golfing, you’ve got to stick to a certain timeframe and make every shot count! This kind of focus helps take your game to another level!

None of us are, or will become, Tiger Woods. And frankly, that’s more than fine with your typical league golfer.  But, with league golfing, you’ll probably meet a few new people who could become longtime golf partners, business connections and friends.

Have you been part of a league? What’s the best part? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Golf Course Weddings: Quiet, Elegant & Worry-Free

Whether you’re an avid golfer, or simply appreciate the pristine view, a golf course is an ideal place to host your wedding. 

Here at Blueberry Pines, we are delighted when couples choose us to host their big day; in fact, we can probably help alleviate some of the stress of the planning process with our services! Weddings are about love, joy and happiness; not worrying about if something will go wrong. The calming atmosphere at Blueberry Pines, will help reduce your stress and let you concentrate on your guests and bride or groom-to-be. 

Consider Blueberry Pines Golf Club for a worry-free event experience. We have a Professional staff ready to help you with all the details. We have a range of services and partners to ensure your special day is a grand success. Our beautifully furnished banquet facility allows for any amount of guests that you may have.

Weddings happen once in a lifetime, so we want to provide you with top notch service. Along with our excellent and worry-free service, the beautiful landscape and quiet atmosphere at Blueberry Pines will have you and your guests enjoying the special day from start to finish. They have the opportunity to explore the green outdoors and observe nature. When the
celebration is coming to an end, you can watch the beautiful dramatic sunset staging complete with a backdrop of the golf course. 

Along with outdoor options like in or near our beautiful Gazebo, we have indoor options as well to accommodate any of your desires on your special day!

Have your special occasion, corporate meeting, club gathering, or reunion at Blueberry Pines, and we'll ensure it's a success! We can help with any banquet or special meeting needs you may have. We have a complete set of services to make your meeting a success and have planners to assist you to ensure everything goes smoothly. For more information and a customized quote, make sure to use our request form.