Thursday, April 21, 2016

Putt Like the Pros

Putt Like the Pros.jpg
Golf season is finally in (excuse the pun) full swing again in Minnesota. If you haven't been practicing in the off-season, chances are your game is a little rusty. Check out some of our putting tips to take your short game to the next level:

Take Address
Stand so that your eyes are over the ball. Stand in a position that is comfortable for you and ensures correct posture. Your body should maintain a consistent motion with your elbows held to your sides.

Be Flexible
Don’t play with a stiff body, flex your knees and keep your shoulders relaxed. Not only will this make your putt closer to perfection, but it will also keep you more relaxed while on the green. If you have a hard time relaxing your body during your putt, try moving further or closer to the ball and practice putting.
person-1284011_1280.jpgLeft, Right, and Center
If you found that you need to move away from the ball, but yet still can’t sink the putt, step sideways. Try moving to your left or right and find your pendulum swing sweet spot. You will only make a perfect putt consistently when you learn to hit the ball dead square.
Take the shot
Remember to relax and keep a slow and controlled movement. Don’t worry about rushing through the putt. If you feel uncomfortable taking your time, don’t – we’ve all started somewhere. In no time, you will be putting like a pro and swinging low scoring games.

One of the best things you can do to improve your game is simple… practice! Get out on the green and take a few shots. For tee times, location, online specials and more, visit our website at

Friday, March 18, 2016

Celebrating Our Silver Anniversary at Blueberry Pines

This season marks Blueberry Pines’ 25th Silver Anniversary! We are so grateful for everyone who has supported us over the years and are extremely excited to celebrate our 25th year with all of you. The start of a new season brings new beginnings and updates to our facilities. As you may or may not know, we have been working very hard over the winter months updating our banquet, dining, and lounge areas. Let’s take a look at some of the updates that have been made:

We have added new stairs and an updated railing to the loft in the dining area. Now guests will be able to easily access and enjoy the loft during dinners/functions.


Near the entrance, we have expanded the host area and the kitchen into the dining area. We also moved the snack bar and expanded the kitchen in its place.


We have also made updates to our dining and banquet areas along with updates to our buffet. On the golf course side, we have new carts, and our pro shop is stocked full with new golf equipment!


We look forward to sharing all of these exciting updates with you! The golf course and range have officially opened and we are putting the finishing touches on the dining and lounge areas, which are officially opening April 6th (Lounge) and April 15th (Dining area). We will, however, be opening our dining area for our Easter Brunch on Sunday, March 27th, though the updates to our banquet and dining facilities will not be complete. There will be 3 distinct seating times at 10:30 AM, 12:15 PM, and 1:45 PM. We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Top 10 Meals to Eat at Blueberry Pines


Blueberry Pines Golf, Dining, and Event Center has a lot to offer to the public. Not only do we provide world class golf, we also provide an exceptional dining experience. Here are the top 10 meals you should order when dining at Blueberry Pines:


#1 Prime Rib A delicious hand-carved 12oz cut seasoned to perfection and served with Au Jus.

#2 Grilled Butcher Hanger Steak – An 8oz. USDA choice beef hanger steak sliced and served on a mushroom demi-glaze.

#3 Smothered Pork TenderloinTender sliced roast pork tenderloin smothered in sauteed onions, mushrooms, and demi-glaze.

#4 Canadian WalleyeHand breaded or broiled, choice of 1 filet or two, served with our own tartar sauce and lemon.

#5 Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops4 large sea scallops wrapped in bacon, broiled and served atop garlic aioli.

#6 Thai Shrimp WrapTender shrimp wrapped in a bed of garden greatness and our Thai sweet chili sauce in a flour tortilla with peanut spread.

#7 Ain't That A Peach PizzaA creation like no other - shrimp, sliced peaches and jalapeno with Thai sweet chili sauce on a flatbread crust.

#8 The Pines BurgerHand-pattied Black Angus burger topped with cheddar cheese, a fried egg, and deep fried jalapenos on a toasted bun.

#9 Chinese Chicken SaladTender and juicy chicken breast tossed with romaine, purple cabbage, cucumber, sliced almonds, crispy chow mein noodles, mandarin oranges and a light sesame dressing.

#10 Fettuccine AlfredoFettuccine noodles tossed in our hand-crafted made from scratch Alfredo sauce one order at a time.


We want to hear from you! What meals do you think we should add in 2016? Visit our Facebook page and leave a comment with a dish you would like to see on our menu. In the meantime, stop into Blueberry Pines for our New Year’s Dinner! We hope to see you soon!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Upcoming Events: Memorial Tournament

The summer is beginning to wind down, and that means golf season is as well. With the season’s end on the way, it means that the social time of golfers will become harder to find, but we have a solution to help you make the most of what remaining time is left! On August 14th, Blueberry Pines will host a 4-person scramble tournament. The scramble is a 1:30 pm shotgun at the always beautiful Blueberry Pines Golf Course.
Blueberry Pines.png

A day on the course can make anyone more than a bit hungry. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. A Barbecue will be held during the tournament, providing some savory BBQ ribs and chicken, along with baked beans, cole slaw, and chips. Refuel yourself before you finish the tournament, you’re going to need the extra energy to take first place.

All you need to decide is who you are going to pick for your teammates. You could go with siblings, children, or parents and enjoy a wonderful family day, or you could go around the office and seek out the best golfers and have a competitive team! Or maybe you will use this as an opportunity for the last big Summer “hurrah” with your buddies and enjoy a wonderful day of golfing with your friends, eating some fantastic food. Whichever you choose, come make some memories at Blueberry Pines’ Memorial Tournament!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why You Should Spend More Time at the Driving Range

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As Minnesotan golfers, we don’t have the luxury of all-year round golfing.  When the warm weather hits, we try to hit the course as much as possible while there is no snow on the ground. Indoor driving ranges are an excellent way to keep loose and maintain your swing during the long winter months. So, if the indoor driving ranges are so crucial to keeping an effective golf game during the off-season, why don’t we utilize the outdoor driving range while the season is in full swing? Here’s a few reasons why we believe it would be beneficial for you to spend more time on the range:

Save Yourself a Few Strokes
Most of us know that usually the first hole is one of the worst of the entire round. Hitting a driver when you are not warmed up (especially if everyone around the proshop watching your group tee off) is a disaster in the making. Instead of showing up 15 minutes before your tee time, show up 40 minutes early and hit a bucket of range balls to shake off the cobwebs and be ready to impress.

Keep Your Game Fresh
Life is busy- there can be times when you cannot make it to the range for weeks at a time, which ultimately may cause your golf game to suffer. The perfect solution is to hit up the driving range. You may not have time in the day for a four-hour round of golf, but you may have the time to hit the range for 20-30 minutes.

“Practice Makes Perfect”
This is a quote we have all heard a few thousand times in our lives, but in regards to golf it is very relevant. Use the range to fix the biggest and smallest flaws in your game. What sounds better- having to aim 70 yards to the left of the hole so you can play your nasty slice, or being able to aim down the middle of the fairway and have a better chance with your putt?

Additional Workout
We golf because we love the sport, but it is a small bonus that we can get exercise from it as well. Take advantage of the range to stay active, help gain more flexibility and athleticism, and burn more calories.

Don’t overlook the driving range because it may hold the key to unlocking your golfing game to new heights. For additional help at the range and with your game, Blueberry Pines offers group and private lessons that can be booked online or by calling the Golf Shop at (800) 652 -4940 or (218)-564-4653.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Learning the Lingo of the Links

The Language of Golf.png
Have you ever been out golfing with someone and found yourself struggling to decipher the things they are saying? You may be encountering a fluent speaker of the “Language of Golf”. The terminology can get funky, but to clear a few things up, here are 7 golf-slang words that you may have heard around the course:

A golfer’s BEST FRIEND! It is technically a “do-over” and is not in the official rules, but it just becomes a natural part of the game when golfing casually with friends. Hit in the water? Mulligan. Hit it in that bush next to the tee box? Mulligan. Hit a house out of bounds? Mulligan…

“Nice Putt Alice!”
If you’ve ever contemplated launching your putter into the pond, you have probably heard this one before. The saying actually comes from the 1963 Ryder Cup, when Peter Alliss terribly missed a 3 foot putt and someone from the gallery yelled the now legendary line, “NICE PUTT ALLISS”.

Hitting a shank, or having the shanks is a term associated with hitting a
very bad shot or hitting several bad shots. A shank is a shot that is struck by the hosel of the club, and not the clubface, producing a shot that goes to the right for a right handed player. Be warned, however; some of the more superstitious golfers consider it very bad luck to even hear the word around the course.

Sometimes called a banana ball, hitting a slice is when you strike your ball, it starts out on a trajectory left of your goal, but spins far right of the target area (opposite directions if you are left-handed). If you ever hear someone say they hit a “fade”, that is a shot that slightly curves to the right, making it less drastic than a slice. A slice is a more harsh error.

A hook is the opposite of a slice- starting its trajectory right of your goal and curving far left (again, opposite directions if you are left handed). Rarely used intentionally, hooking your ball usually indicates an error in your swing, but is sometimes used to get out of a tight space or to curve your shot around obstacles. A hook with a smaller curve is called a draw, and is much more commonly used.

“Time to Put On the Sunblock”
You’d never go to the beach without your sunblock, right? Well, if you’re having one of those days where you find yourself in the sand and hitting it in every bunker on the course, then you better have your “sunscreen lotion” handy!

A Danny Devito
You hit an incredible approach shot and you confidently head up to the green for a short-medium length birdie putt! You grab the putter, read the green, line up the putt, and pray it goes in. Right when you make contact you know you made a huge mistake… You completely misread the putt and your second putt is now farther away. You just encountered a mean 5 footer, “A Danny Devito”.

When a sport has an avid following, there are bound to be a few terms thrown around that are only understood by the die-hard fans of the game, and golf is a prime example. Brush up on a few of these golf terms to be prepared for the lingo of the links on your next golf outing at Blueberry Pines.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Etiquette of Golf

Spring has arrived, and golf season is quickly approaching. If you are interested in playing golf, you may want to know these seven basic etiquette rules before you take on your first 18 holes.

1. Repair the Green and Bunkers
On the green make sure to repair your ball mark, in the bunker make sure you rake the bunker when finished. If you see other marks on the green or notice that the bunker hasn’t been raked, it’s common courtesy to tidy up those areas as well. Leaving these areas unmaintained can be a nuisance to others.

2. Keep Quiet
One of the best things about golf is that it’s a social game, but you should always show consideration for the other golfers around you. Losing your temper or laughing loudly could disturb other golfers’ focus, so make sure you are quiet during another golfer’s swing.

3. Dress to Impress
Sweat pants and T-shirts may be acceptable for other recreational activities, but when golfing, it is common courtesy to dress appropriately. Female golfers should consider wearing longer shorts and a nice shirt. Men should consider wearing a collared shirt and dress pants or shorts. Guys no tank tops or muscle shirts please.

 4. Step Away from Your Cell Phone
There are three main reasons you should put down your cell phone while playing golf: First you may lose your focus- when continuity is interrupted it could affect the result of your game. Secondly, cell phones interrupt other golfers. When you are using your cell phone, your voice level tends to be higher than usual. Lastly, Cell phones slow down play for both you and others around you.

5. Early is On Time, and On Time is Late!
It is important to be early for your tee-time. Then keeping up with the group ahead keeps the pace of your golf game up to par. If the group behind you starts to catch up, let them jump ahead of your group and play through. If it is busy golf course, letting groups through may not be an option if there are solid groups behind the group behind you, this slows the entire golf course down 8 minutes per group let through. Play ready golf and play with undue delay.

6. Stay Inbounds!
Typically white stakes or lines mark the boundary line on a golf course. If you hit the ball out of bounds, the penalty is a stroke-plus-distance, meaning you add one stroke to your score and count all hits. Constantly hitting the ball out of bounds can cause your group to slow down! If you can, check out the course overview before you take on 18 holes.

 7. Golf Cart Driving
No one likes to see a reckless golf cart driver on the course. Taking sharp turns or parking to close to the green can ruin the grass. To help keep the grass well maintained, utilize the cart path as much as possible. If you absolutely have to drive on the grass, make sure you are steering clear of greens and tee boxes and do not drive too close to water hazards, mounds or bunkers.

Now that you know theses 7 etiquette rules, take the day off and head to the course! Check out our membership options membership options or standard rates, and make a plan for the upcoming golf season!