Thursday, April 21, 2016

Putt Like the Pros

Putt Like the Pros.jpg
Golf season is finally in (excuse the pun) full swing again in Minnesota. If you haven't been practicing in the off-season, chances are your game is a little rusty. Check out some of our putting tips to take your short game to the next level:

Take Address
Stand so that your eyes are over the ball. Stand in a position that is comfortable for you and ensures correct posture. Your body should maintain a consistent motion with your elbows held to your sides.

Be Flexible
Don’t play with a stiff body, flex your knees and keep your shoulders relaxed. Not only will this make your putt closer to perfection, but it will also keep you more relaxed while on the green. If you have a hard time relaxing your body during your putt, try moving further or closer to the ball and practice putting.
person-1284011_1280.jpgLeft, Right, and Center
If you found that you need to move away from the ball, but yet still can’t sink the putt, step sideways. Try moving to your left or right and find your pendulum swing sweet spot. You will only make a perfect putt consistently when you learn to hit the ball dead square.
Take the shot
Remember to relax and keep a slow and controlled movement. Don’t worry about rushing through the putt. If you feel uncomfortable taking your time, don’t – we’ve all started somewhere. In no time, you will be putting like a pro and swinging low scoring games.

One of the best things you can do to improve your game is simple… practice! Get out on the green and take a few shots. For tee times, location, online specials and more, visit our website at