Monday, May 25, 2015

The Etiquette of Golf

Spring has arrived, and golf season is quickly approaching. If you are interested in playing golf, you may want to know these seven basic etiquette rules before you take on your first 18 holes.

1. Repair the Green and Bunkers
On the green make sure to repair your ball mark, in the bunker make sure you rake the bunker when finished. If you see other marks on the green or notice that the bunker hasn’t been raked, it’s common courtesy to tidy up those areas as well. Leaving these areas unmaintained can be a nuisance to others.

2. Keep Quiet
One of the best things about golf is that it’s a social game, but you should always show consideration for the other golfers around you. Losing your temper or laughing loudly could disturb other golfers’ focus, so make sure you are quiet during another golfer’s swing.

3. Dress to Impress
Sweat pants and T-shirts may be acceptable for other recreational activities, but when golfing, it is common courtesy to dress appropriately. Female golfers should consider wearing longer shorts and a nice shirt. Men should consider wearing a collared shirt and dress pants or shorts. Guys no tank tops or muscle shirts please.

 4. Step Away from Your Cell Phone
There are three main reasons you should put down your cell phone while playing golf: First you may lose your focus- when continuity is interrupted it could affect the result of your game. Secondly, cell phones interrupt other golfers. When you are using your cell phone, your voice level tends to be higher than usual. Lastly, Cell phones slow down play for both you and others around you.

5. Early is On Time, and On Time is Late!
It is important to be early for your tee-time. Then keeping up with the group ahead keeps the pace of your golf game up to par. If the group behind you starts to catch up, let them jump ahead of your group and play through. If it is busy golf course, letting groups through may not be an option if there are solid groups behind the group behind you, this slows the entire golf course down 8 minutes per group let through. Play ready golf and play with undue delay.

6. Stay Inbounds!
Typically white stakes or lines mark the boundary line on a golf course. If you hit the ball out of bounds, the penalty is a stroke-plus-distance, meaning you add one stroke to your score and count all hits. Constantly hitting the ball out of bounds can cause your group to slow down! If you can, check out the course overview before you take on 18 holes.

 7. Golf Cart Driving
No one likes to see a reckless golf cart driver on the course. Taking sharp turns or parking to close to the green can ruin the grass. To help keep the grass well maintained, utilize the cart path as much as possible. If you absolutely have to drive on the grass, make sure you are steering clear of greens and tee boxes and do not drive too close to water hazards, mounds or bunkers.

Now that you know theses 7 etiquette rules, take the day off and head to the course! Check out our membership options membership options or standard rates, and make a plan for the upcoming golf season!

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